About Me

I’m Timo, the Certified Personal Trainer& Weight Loss Coach behind this website.  I am German and living in Singapore.

As a kid, I already did a lot of sports like playing soccer, volleyball, table tennis and athletics. I started with weight lifting and resistance training since my early twenties, which very soon became my passion. However, my knowledge about workouts, training, nutrition and diet was very limited and I made many mistakes for a very long time. While listening to others at the gym and reading more and more in the internet, it confused me further on how to train and eat best.

Over the time, I educated myself and made my own experiences. I found out that there are many myths in the world of fitness that many fitness enthusiasts are still following. This leads many athletes are losing their motivation and passion quickly because they don’t achieve the expected results.

After moving to Asia, more and more friends and acquaintances asked me for advice on how to get started with resistance training, lose weight or get the best physique they ever had. While educating them, I noticed how great it is to share my passion and experience with others. I love helping people to become leaner, stronger, fitter and after all healthier. It makes me satisfied to see them achieving their fitness goals and to see their satisfied faces every day.

And I wanted to take the next step to fulfill my mission. That is the reason why I created this website and the personalized VFS BodyPerfection Beginners & Advanced Programs. With the personalized online courses, I can extend my reach and still keep the personal contact to all of my clients. This makes me very happy and proud as well.

This is who I am now. The journey started with a passion and became a successful mission to be continued.