VFS BodyPerfection Personalized Cookbook Advanced


Get your personalized cookbook with plenty of yummy recipes to bring your diet to perfection and achieve all of your fitness goals such as cutting down and bulking up


Course description

The VFS BodyPerfection Personalized Cookbook Advanced is the accompanying cookbook to the VFS BodyPerfection Advanced Program. It is for advanced athletes who want to take their diet to the next step.

If you have already run through the VFS BodyPerfection Advanced Program and want to get the personalized cookbook recalculated, you can purchase it here.

Even though I recommend joining the VFS BodyPerfection Advanced Program to make the full use of the VFS BodyPerfection Diet, Training System and my personal online support, you can still separately purchase the VFS VFS BodyPerfection Personalized Cookbook and follow the VFS BodyPerfection Diet.

The VFS BodyPerfection Personalized Cookbook applies the guidelines and provides personalized food amounts for all recipes and fitness goals like cutting down, bulking up and maintaining. All you need to do is choose your preferred recipes based on your individual taste, your fitness goal, and follow the instructions and food amounts. It is as simple as that. No guessing game anymore, no food calculations needed, no-calorie tracking required. As a result, you provide your body with the ideal amount of protein, carbs and fat for your perfect muscle building diet for all fitness goals.

The VFS BodyPerfectionPersonalized Cookbook Advancedis a pdf document and includes the following content:

  • Information about protein, carbs, fat, fruits, vegetables and beverages
  • Caloric and nutritional changes depending on the fitness goals
  • Daily meals and daily meal schedule
  • Usage and application of the VFS BodyPerfection Recipes
  • Supplement Plan
  • Practical tips
  • More than 80 yummy recipes for all daily meals with your personalized food amounts
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